Who we are

European Association of Scientific Research is a a non-governmental, professional,  non-partisan political and not-for-profit entity. The Association was created in the late 2014 with the purpose to provide support for the research activities, researchers and practitioners, development of scientific projects, and especially for creating a professional network of specialists in the various domains related to the scientific research and scientific communities from Romania and Europe. From 2015, E.A.S.R is a proud member of Publishers International Linking Association (also known as CrossRef).

Most of the Association members originate from the area of research and Academics, as the vast majority of the founders are related to the environment of (Romanian) Alexandru Ioan Cuza Police Academy, a prestigious university dedicated to training superior police officers in Romania.


According to its Statute. E.A.S.R. has the following structure:

-General Assembly (all members of the Association). The General Assembly is the supreme organ of coordination, administration and decision of the Association.

-Governing Board (the executive and decisional forum of the Association);

-Financial Auditor (appointed by the Assembly for internal audit).

Aim and purpose

The idea of creating such an association came from the factual necessity to provide support for individuals and institutions (be there private or from the government`s umbrella) in developing different type of projects related to the very idea of research. One can easily notice the very diversity of opinion related to how a scientific manifestation should be held, why a certain requirement for a conference must be used or skipped, how a scientific event or an article / journal should look like, what quality and excellence in research should mean etc. The main purpose is related to supporting research, innovation and development of individuals and the area of initial/ continuous training thru international cooperation and projects.

The Association is also intended to provide support for every institution (academic or not) for development of different manifestations, journals, conferences and projects.

Furthermore, it is within the Association`s intention to develop mutual partnerships with different types of institutions such as international databases, institutions, universities and of course to enhance international cooperation in the area of research by creating networks for researchers from around Europe and even beyond its borders.

We carefully select our members and partners and by keeping in mind that the quality assurance in what we do, we trust and we support is a common belief of our group.