According to our statute, The Association can have three types of members:

-Active members (either founders or ordinary/adhesion-based);

-honorary members.

Only active members can vote within the General Assembly - but the opinion and the suggestions of the honorary Members are highly appreciated and weighted.

The Association was established according to the legal procedures in the late 2014. The initial members that chose to get involved in the initiation of such a project were in number of ten (see Member list).

The active members are those members (founders or that have joined the Association later) who have paid their annual membership fee. As such, only those benefit for the full quality of member.

The quality of Honorary Member is an exceptional one and can be granted only to personalities, persons with a great level of involvement in the filed of Research or Academics, as well as to the persons with a high level of impact over the activities of the Association.


The membership can be granted following a formal request and only with unanimous vote from the members of the Governing Board. The membership is active only following the payment of the fee (100 EURO/ 450 RON for 2016) and only for the year in course.

Please note that not al of the request are approved, as only persons with links to the area of research and with a background in education can be accepted. As such, please note that some extra documents (such as a EuroPass CV) can be requested.

Should you be interested in becoming a member:

A. address an email to the Governing Board (board@research-association.eu), stating the reasons for which you want to become a member and you will be contacted shortly;


B. download the adhesion from the link below, fill & sign it, sign it and send it (scanned copy) to membership@research-association.eu.

Download adhesion from HERE.