The objectives of European Association of Scientific Research are:

A. Organizing scientific activities and dedicated to common training, to support the members of scientific community in their researches related to various domains, including the ones related to security, internal affairs, and continuous collaboration with Romanian Police Academy, National Defence Academy and other training institutions.

B. Organizing and development of activities dedicated to promoting the interest of Romania in the area of scientific research.

C. Creating research centres in relations with the domain of Public Order and National Security.

D. Developing partnerships with different institutions dedicated to initial and continuous training, especially with the ones in the field of law enforcement.

E. Development of online catalogues and databases in order to promote and manage quality research papers and journals in different domains.

F. Raising funds to support individual development and training for researchers.

G. Organising courses and training sessions in various domains, thru its own members and in partnership with other experts/institutions, in different area of interest.

H. Management, editing, promoting, disseminating and supporting different types of publications and projects.

I. Creating research centres and institutes.

J. Organising conferences, workshops, meetings and providing guidance and support for different institutions in organising them.

K. Developing and implementing certification systems for quality assurance related to the area of scientific research.

L. Coordinating and to promoting authors of books, papers, articles and projects with scholar content.

M.  Granting awards, scholarships or sponsorship to people with outstanding merits in the field of research.

N. Developing research projects with different partners.