As a dedicated purpose to promote excellence in the filed of scientific research, European Association of Scientific Research intends to develop and provide support for scientific publications in different domain. Currently, the Association publishes one scientific journal and supports the development of some others, reflected below.


The journal was one of the first projects developed by the Association. Due to the fact that the vast majority of the founders has links with the area of law enforcement, the need to develop a publication dedicated to the area of Internal Affairs, with an international dissemination and understanding (it is only published in English) was identified. As such, starting with 2014, this journal was developed, with the aid of professors from Romanian Police Academy (Forensic Science Department). Currently, this journal has received international certification, being indexed in a various number of International Databases and under the evaluation of different others. Furthermore, different instruments to enhance the international prestige and dissemination are being implemented. Following the membership of the Association to P.I.L.A. (CrossRef), the journal has been indexed by CrossRef system (10.18283/pons).

Journal`s website: www.pons-journal.eu


The journal belongs to Forensic Science Department from Romanian Police Academy and is supported by the Association following a memorandum signed with the management layer of the Department. Forensic Science Forum is well known within the area of forensic science from Romania and has the support of prestigious personalities from the Academic and operational environments. The journal is published in both Romanian and English and is disseminated thru prestigious international databases.

Journal`s website: www.forum-criminalistic.ro


Human Rights in Law Enforcement is a scientific journal that was created within a European-funded project implemented by the Police Academy "Alexandru Ioan Cuza", entitled "The Center for the promotion of human rights in the institutions of public order and security". The Journal aims to promote the values underlying the education for a democratic citizenship (EDC) as it was defined by the European Commission, as a set of practices and activities for training young people and adults as active and responsible citizens in a democratic society and the human rights education (HRE) as a suite of programs and educational activities that promote equality and human dignity. Following the partnership between EASR and Romanian Police Academy, EASR supports the development and quality assurance of this journal.

Journal`s website: www.hrle-journal.eu